The Tyranny of Experts is Over: Why Curiosity Rules in the 21st Century

Author: Remington Tonar

Before the dawn of the information age, a relatively small number of specialists controlled the world’s knowledge from academic theory to practical know-how. These experts became the middlemen that controlled…

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Millennials Control the Future of Philanthropy

VCOM ALS ice bucket challenge
Author: Katie Kyker

Over the last several years, nonprofit organizations have seen a shift in fundraising dollars and the way that Millennials have been transforming philanthropy through the use of technology. Through social…

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Kick Start Your Work/Life Balance with a Self-Care Routine

Author: Jaymee Lewis

Maintaining a set of actions that will keep you from going permanently insane. It is keeping YOU in mind as a priority and being able to take action steps towards…

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5 Tips for Dealing with Your Student Loans

student loan weight
Author: Rachel Rimmerman

So, you invested in your college education, you’ve graduated, and your 6 month grace period is over – Now it’s the dreaded time to start paying back those student loans. …

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Win@Work: Position Yourself for the Position You Want

Author: Remington Tonar

One of the most prevalent misconceptions among many Millennials is that if you put your head down and work hard you’ll be recognized and rewarded. This assumption is akin to…

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The Single Source Society & the Need to Enlighten Our Way Out of the Dark

Single Source Society
Author: Ben Johnson

Earlier this month I was perusing my Facebook feed for something interesting to read, which is rather uncharacteristic of me as I usually open the app in a robotic, embarrassingly…

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Video of the Week

A Survival Guide for the Gap Year After College

Author: Joshua Conner

Gap years can have an impact on older millennials as well as those coming out of high school. As with any opportunity, a gap year’s benefits and drawbacks are contingent…

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