An Introduction to Project Primetime

Author: Richard Hebron

Welcome to Project Primetime. I want to take a brief moment to explain why we exist and what you can expect from us. Our generation faces many daunting obstacles that…

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If You Settle Today You Settle Tomorrow

Photo by Mugley
Author: Sama Habib

Lets face it, if you’re unemployed your standards and prospects of job employment have already dropped. You no longer see yourself working for your dream company and doing what you…

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The Fallacy of Experience

Photo by Theen Moy
Author: Remington Tonar

Experience is a fallacy, a construct that was necessary to ensure social stability in generations past, but now exists as an artifice designed to reinforce the status quo. Think about…

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The Single Source Society & the Need to Enlighten Our Way Out of the Dark

Single Source Society
Author: Ben Johnson

Earlier this month I was perusing my Facebook feed for something interesting to read, which is rather uncharacteristic of me as I usually open the app in a robotic, embarrassingly…

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Risk and Rewards of Data-Driven Decision Making

Big Data Millennials3
Author: Jason Knoespel

One of the defining qualities of the millennial generation is its role in ushering in the use of technology in our everyday lives. We are the generation that grew up…

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The Millennial Job Hunt: How the Game is Changing, and How You can Win

hunger-games-katniss 604x270
Author: Joe Anhalt

Do you hate your job? Are you unsatisfied at work? Looking for a position with an opportunity for growth? Then you’ve come to the right place! Okay, this isn’t really…

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